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The Best Starter Builds for the Heist League and Patch 3.12

Path of Exile: Heist's Heist League will take mission players to a new area called Rogue Harbor, where they can meet a group of rogues and begin planning a massive criminal adventure together. These new looters have different obstacles, such as locked doors or traps, and players will be forced to hire hooligans with special skills to help them. The purpose of each robbery is to make it pass through the area without raising an alarm or warning the guards of your arrival. If the player manages to get into the vault without triggering any alarms, the piranha will be alerted and the player will need to quickly decide what items they want to steal before doing their best to keep them alive.

Introducing the Heist League, 13 new NPCs, Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems, Replica Unique Items, Experimented Base Types, New Unique Items, New Spells, New Curses, New Steel Skills, and reworks to each of these game areas. The base game received major updates with tons of new Item and Skill Gem options which appears to be (in our opinion) the most interesting part of the Patch 3.12. Replica Uniques are alternative versions of existing Uniques, which offer different affixes, like for example the iconic Helmet Abyssus for Melee Physical DPS characters, now can add tons of flat Elemental Damage instead, making it a perfect item for a completely different spectrum of builds. On the other hand, Alternative Quality Skill Gems also offer different bonuses, and in some cases, those can be build-defining differences. So for sure, we will be seeing a ton of new build options and interesting variations of popular already existing ones.

It is very important to choose the right thief for the player's robbery. Some thieves can easily open the door of a secret room, while others can act as scouts. In a given robbery conflict, some veteran thieves deal with more complex situations. Players can also use new items to upgrade rogues in the Port area. The Raider can provide players with new items that can be equipped on bandit team members. These range from reducing their hiring costs to giving players extra damage during a heist.

Grand Heists are different from the robberies that players usually see. It requires careful planning and lots of information, not a random choice of targets. As long as players can successfully complete these quests, they will be rewarded with rich POE Orbs and POE items as well as other unique rewards.

Those who have just become POE players can buy POE Orbs for some preparation before entering the new league, which will be more secure.

There are many different types of rogues in the update that players will be able to choose from. Each of these rogues has a specific skill set that will be necessary to make it through a heist without setting off an alarm or understanding how to escape successfully. Four of the rogues will be able to provide players with information about each heist location or offer them transportation. Nine will have skills like lockpicking or demolition that can be used to help players get in and out of a heist area successfully. In order to use these thieves effectively players will need both contracts and markers, which are brand new items to Path of Exile: Heist.

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