The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Is Now Available For Xbox One


Greymoor chapter

Although the sixth season of The Elder Scrolls may be a few years away, the online version of The Elder Scrolls will continue to maintain this series of activities. The Greymoor Expansion is coming and will bring more content to a new super-successful series of games. The trailer focuses on an ominous introduction to the dark heart of "Skyrim", which will be a year-long legend and will continue with Greymoor. We have heard that a large army will march to the west of the northern region of Tarrell, and we will have to face this fallen army again to save the world.

Rediscover the Skyrim

The Greymoor chapter introduces two new exploration areas, the Western Skyrim Mountains and the Blackreach Underworld. To find the sky, you will visit Bethesda Game Studio in the classic RPG familiar locations, including the city of magnificent loneliness and Morthal town, and met the giant camp, full of the deadly ancient cart and famous (or infamous) hospitality northerners, however, even though senior Elder Scrolls players may be familiar with the environment of the region, dangerous and people, but you will find that there is no lack of new unexpected threat, including killing the tine of the storm, supernatural beast and the heart of darkness.

Vampires "re-vampires"!

Along with the Greymoor chapter, Update 26 introduces a series of supplemental and fixes for all Elder Scrolls Online players, all free of charge. This includes updating the vampire skill line and how it interacts with the game's justice system. As a vampire player, you can now unlock and master a completely redesigned skill line to make the vampire curse more impactful, active, and attractive. In addition, if you publicly display your new vam pire abilities in public, you may attract the attention of local guards or offer a reward, please beware! In addition to these powerful synergies, vampires also have a new ultimate ability, called the "Blood Scion," that turns your character into a monster. In this state, you can increase health, stamina, and Magicka pool energy, heal yourself when dealing with damage, and see enemies through walls. No one can escape your wrath!

You may have realized that there are more people playing ESO now than at any time since 2015. We are very grateful to ESO for allowing so many people to take a breather from the ongoing crisis. So far, the servers have been under so much activity under pressure, but due to the large number of you playing seems to have not subsided, ESO official recently added more server capacity to the PC EU to ensure that it maintains this way. ESO continues to find and fix performance issues, and optimize the client and server, some of which will be updated in update 26. More information on this will be provided with the team’s next month’s performance update. Similarly, as regular customers of the game, we know how annoying the sudden performance shock is, and they are doing everything they can to remedy the situation. has added EU-Crazian and Na-Stena these two servers for players to choose from.

If you want to see more, you can check out another trailer featuring the expansion and one focusing on the