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What is PoE 3.12, the New League?

PoE 3.12 bringing with it an all-new league for us to discover. The initial announcement before has given us some insights into what the new Path of Exile league will be, although there is much left to discover through play. Let’s jump right in.

If you’ve been listening to any PoE 3.12 news, you’ve likely heard the word ‘medium-core’ tossed around. This is meant to be a middle ground between soft and hard core. It’s a mechanic introduced in Heist that, for the first time ever, enables removing items from your inventory. Now, before you panic, you won’t lose anything that you entered the heist with, but the items that you pick up throughout the heist are ‘contraband’ items, and if the alarm level maxes out, or you die within the heist, you will lose them. Both contracts and loot items can be found traveling to an external area called Rogue's Harbour, which means you can find contracts on a map, but you don't have to have them made or lost on that map. This is a step in comparison to the many map federations of the past that were central to everything.

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Functionally this isn’t any different from the way previous mechanics worked. Failing a blighted map will mean that you get no loot, and this will be no different. However, this time you’ll have seen the items, making it far worse if you have them taken away. It’s a level of psychological gameplay that we haven’t seen before in softcore, perhaps outside of the annoyance of Laboratory.

Heist brings with it the regular set of new items and uniques, but rather than have hundreds of new items, Heist’s gimmick is that it offers new twists on existing items. For example, instead of finding a normal abyss, you can find a replica abyss that deals increased physical damage and takes damage instead of finding a normal abyss. There will be many copies that will change the uniqueness of the existing version, enabling dozens or even hundreds of new versions.

For those of you that have no idea what you’re doing in PoE, or just like the summoner playstyle– the Spectre Necromancer. This build revolves around summoning specific enemy monsters which will act as summons at your side. It is a very safe Heist build that is excellent for players that want to try out playing on hardcore for the first time. With such high effective HP (7000-10000) it’s the safest Uber Elder farmer build out there which most people prefer to run. On top of that, you’ll also have a lot of physical reduction, decent regeneration and solid mapping speed considering it’s a summoner build. The only real downside of this build it’s that it relies on summon AI– which a lot of players don’t like.

We hope you have found our list of the best Path of Exile (PoE) Heist 3.12 Beginner Builds helpful in your venture through the world of Wraiclast and don’t forget to check out our other Path of Exile Heist Starter Builds and guides on MMOSKY.com !

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